The Rich Kids Of Snapchat Will Drive You Crazy!



Growing up can be tricky, having to deal with parents, school and hormones etc. all whilst deciding between a Bentley and a Ferrari for your upcoming birthday…

Well, only the ‘Rich Kids of Snapchat’ have to deal with the latter!

Of course we have no sympathy…

Life for these kids means travelling only by private jet, going to a private school that puts Hogwarts to shame, choosing what Rolex best matches their Dior suits and using top of the range Apple gadgets as cup holder, but it doesn’t stop there.


Rich Kids Snap 11

They celebrate weekends with endless amounts of Dom Perignon, receive pocket money that won’t even fit in their wallet and blow their nose on $50 notes – envious yet?

These kids take to Snapchat to document and boast about their extravagant lifestyle, complete with captions with an obnoxious attitude only to infuriate us ‘peasants’ more (mainly with the shockingly bad grammar).


We’re torn between insane jealously and being angry at their senseless spending habits.

Take a look and see how you feel afterwards…

Capture 9

Rich Kids Snap 4

Rich Kids Snap 5

Rich Kids Snap 6

Rich Kids Snap 7

Rich Kids Snap 9

Rich Kids Snap 10

Rich Kids Snap

Rich Kids Snap2

Rich Kids Snap3

(Images: Instagram)