TV Show Host Kisses Woman’s Breasts After She Clearly Said “No”

In today’s “horrifying news stories of male privilege and misogyny,” I bring you this.


A French TV show and TV show host are both under investigation after the host decided to kiss a woman’s cleavage on TV without her consent. The two were acting out a scene from Kim Kardashian’s armed robbery – which in itself, is pretty f*cked up. Someone was harmed and robbed at gunpoint, it’s not humorous or hilarious to act out the scene for viewers enjoyment.

Apparently, the TV show host had “pretended to save the model,” and asked for a “kiss in return.” The woman said no.


While I believe the story should end there – of course it should, she said no – the story does not. Instead of laughing it off and accepting the fact that he was denied a kiss, the TV show host decided to completely violate this female by putting his head in between her cleavage and kissing her right breast. On national television.


The clip went viral across the internet and people from all over the world were infuriated to see a woman taken advantage of in such a way. 250 complaints have reportedly been made to The Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA), which regulates French radio and television. It has been confirmed that an investigation will be launched into the incident.