The World’s Most Extravagant Weddings!

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The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,200. Compared to these lavish bashes, this is purely chump change. From multiple designer gowns to outstanding venues, these couples have no problem throwing down some SERIOUS cash to make their dream day a reality!

Wendy El Khoury, former wedding planner and now editor of Wedded Wonderland, has witnessed the most luxurious and outrageous weddings in the world.

From Lebanon, Australia, Italy, New York to Beverly Hills these couples had budgets of millions upon millions of dollars.

Can you EVEN imagine?? Lets just all take a moment to dream…..


Even though most of us will never get the opportunity to play around with these kind of budgets… We LOVE to see the outlandish requests of these brides!

Check out these out of the world ceremonies and receptions that you won’t even believe! Of course the last two are our favorite celeb weddings of all time!!

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Who: Ali and Lana

Budget: $7 million (estimate)

Country: Lebanon

Fun Fact: At the center of the reception rested an incredible seven-tier rose covered cake.

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We found heaven on earth and it’s this cake….

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Who: Larina and Ben

Budget: $3 million (estimate)

Country: USA

Fun Fact: The breathtaking bride wore a couture Inbal Dror dress with Jimmy Choo shoes. PERFECTION!!

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Who: Sandy and Rod

Budget: $3 million (estimate)

Country: Australia

Fun Fact: Nuptials were held at Sydney University and featured a 12-meter structure with a descending variety of ferns and flowers above the wedding party table.

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Who: Nadia and Sam

Budget: $5 million (estimate)

Country: USA

Fun Fact: Ceremony took place in the Greystone Mansion garden with a reception following on the rooftop of The London Hotel, in West Hollywood. WHAT A VIEW!

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Who: Brittany and Justin

Budget: $4 million (estimate)

Country: Italy

Fun Fact: Ceremony took place at Lake Como and extended over 3 days!

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And of course…. What would a celebration be without some fireworks!

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Who: Prince William and Kate

Budget: $34 million

Country: UK

Fun Fact: William and Kate spent there honeymoon in Seychelles just like David and Victoria Beckham.

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Who: Kim and Kanye

Budget: Over $14 million

Country: Italy

Fun Fact: John Legend performed 3 songs at the reception.

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(Images: Daily Mail,, Instagram, Pinterest)