Guy Asks 1,000 Girls For Sex On Tinder, Doesn’t Completely Fail

In the world of social dating apps, lets face it – Tinder is  the booty call app. Sure, you may find the girl of your dreams on there, after you’re slept with her several times. Most people on Tinder aren’t looking for hearts and flowers and instead are looking to slam back a few drinks before you ride off to pound town together.


With this being the social norm for the dating app, it’s not unusual for guys (or girls) to initiate a sexual relationship when matched with someone they think it hot. Most of the time, it ends up being a few casual hookups until you’re bored or it’s getting too serious. Other times, it doesn’t even reach the in-person meeting.

Popular YouTube channel host Brian from the hit page WHATEVER is well known for initiating sex on the first meeting. Except, he’s never done it on Tinder before. Several times in the past, he’s created social experiments where he’s asked women (and men) for sex in person.


While that takes a sh*t ton of balls and I’d like to pat him on the back for his efforts, it’s not really “socially acceptable.” Now, bring Tinder in the picture, and you’ve got yourself a match. Brian created a profile and spent weeks swiping in bed, late at night, until he eventually reached 1,000 matches.



Brian decided to ask the 1,000 girls (and apparently some guys) he matched with on Tinder to f*ck – basically before he even said hello. While most women would believe that he would fail entirely, getting shut down by 99% of the girls who he matched with – they’d be surprised to know that wasn’t the case.

Some girls on Tinder were pretty into it. Think about it, girls love when a guy is upfront and honest, not beating around the bush. Most guys on Tinder will try to soften you up – ask you about your day, where you work, what are you doing – but don’t worry, they’re leading up to the big finish. So, when a guy wants it straight of the bat? Some girls are down.







But, of course, there were some Debbie Downers that weren’t into it – at all.





While some girls on Tinder are DTF, others just aren’t. It’s like buying a girl a drink at the bar – some of them want a shot of Fireball and some of them want a Vodka Cranberry. Meaning? Some girls are ballsy and love to see the guy who takes a chance, while others want to play it safe and work up to initiation. You just have to find out which kind of girl she is, and then go for it.