How Much Sex Is Everyone Else Your Age Having? Don’t Worry, We Know.

When it comes to sex, people are always worrying whether or not they’re having enough of it. While everyone’s desires are completely different – some people want it way more than others – it’s safe to say that most people are trying to “keep up with the Jones’.” You don’t want to be that guy out for beers with your friends who hasn’t gotten laid in over six months – but you also don’t want to be that guy who’s known to hump and dump women every other night. There has to be a happy medium, right?


According to a new study published by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Reproduction and Gender of Indiana University, there’s actually an overall average of just how often people are having sex based on their age range. So, say goodbye to feeling like an outsider – I’m about to hit you with some major knowledge.


The study was broken down for people between the age of 18-49 – and yes, people reaching 50 are still getting it done in the bedroom. But, the researchers broke down the ages in groups. So, don’t worry 18-year-olds, you won’t have to go anywhere near a 49-year-old’s naked body.

The findings of the study indicate that people between the ages of 18-29 are healthily having sex about 112 times a year. If you break that number down, it’s on average twice a week. Sure, there are those who get down way more than twice a week – but we’re talking only averages here. So, if you’re only getting laid once a week, you’re not that pathetic – you’re actually closer to the “norm.” As predicted by many researchers, the youthful ones are scoring way more often than those older folks.



The other control group were adults ranging from 30-39-years-old. While not completely rusty and out of touch with their bodies, they are having sex only slightly less than the younger group of participants. In fact, they have sex around 86 times a year, which averages out to about 1.6 times a week – only slightly less than the youngsters. I’m not entirely sure what a .6 of sex would be – possibly oral, if we’re getting down to logistics.



For the final control group, the researchers studied those between the ages of 40-49-years old. Sure, they may be a little older, but they’ve still got needs to take care of. It turns out, however, they’re having sex way less – but overall, still getting down to business. The study found that the older crowd on average gets busy around 69 times a year. So, that’s less than once a week, but it’s something.

Of course, you have to take into consideration that the older control groups are more likely to be married with careers and children in their lives – which makes it a bit difficult to find time to get intimate. While, on the other hand, those 18-29-years-old are living life freely, they most likely have more time to hit the sack.

But, the study also revealed information about married couples – incase you’re worried that you and your partner are not meeting the status quo. According to the research, 45 percent of married couples have sex several times a month, so, that’s about half. On the other hand, 34 percent have it two to three times a week – so there is still hope after you say, “I do.”