Boston Man Gets Locked Inside Gym, Then Gets Banned for Life

When it comes to working out, some people are super committed and some people just don’t really care. One man from Boston was so committed to his workout, he didn’t even realize what time it was – or, that the gym was going to close. In turn, he got locked inside.


Kevin Almeida of Boston was a member of L.A. Fitness where he frequently went to workout. Now, he’s not allowed back in the gym – ever. Why? Because the neglectful staff at L.A. Fitness “forgot” to check the gym before they locked up and locked Kevin inside. While figuring it out, Kevin Snapchatted the entire incident – confused, humored and pissed off all at once.

The video racked up over 15,000 shares on Facebook and apparently pissed off some people at L.A. Fitness.

After finally finding an emergency exit and escaping, posting the video and getting all of those shares, Kevin decided to post a followup status about his encounter with the staff at L.A. Fitness. And, lets just say it was less than helpful.


1I mean, getting locked in a porta potty seams worse than getting locked inside anywhere. And, while this seems like an awful end to an awful story – it gets even better…or worse.

L.A. Fitness completely revoked Kevin’s membership – that he had already paid for.



Word to the wise – if you ever happen to get locked inside your gym, don’t post a play-by-play online. Or, you might lose some cash.