Guy Tricks Every Family Member Into Bringing Him Taco Bell

When it comes to cravings, everyone has those moments in time where they want something super greasy, fattening and absolutely delicious. What better meal to satisfy your fat side than fast food? Especially, tacos.


One guy was craving a lot more than one or two tacos and decided to play a little game with his entire family – ultimately, becoming the hero everyone wishes to become. Personally, I hope to become as great as this guy at some point in my life.

First, he texts his mom, asking her to pick up some Taco Bell for him on the way home. Like a good mother, she says “okay.” 1

Then, he texts his dad, asking him to also get him Taco Bell on the way home from his shopping trip at Target. He says “sure.”



And, before forgetting his own brother, he includes him in on the fun and asks him to pick up some more Taco Bell as well. Turns out, Taco Bell cravings run deep in this family.


Apparently, no one in this family communicates very often, because all three family members arrived home with Taco Bell. And, it became a feast fit for a sloppy king.



I just feel bad for his entire family when he’s hogging the bathroom all night long.