Guy Ends Engagement After Fiancée Busted In Sex Tape During Bachelorette Party

What would you do if one day you were sitting there and got a message on your Whatsapp to view a video. You open the video to discover it’s a video of you beloved fiance having sex on her bachelorette party.
Now we live in the age of Photoshop so your first thought might be that this has to be fake… but slowly you realize it’s real.


This happened to one poor guy and we can only imagine what he must be feeling.
This dude got a wild wild wild group text from his friends.
A video of his girlfriend having sex was getting sent around his small town. The dude who filmed it was bragging to some of his college buddies and that slowly but surely made its way back to someone who knew her and the dude.
During his RAGE he decided to blast her on FACEBOOK! He posted this on Facebook:

“more and more bullshit with this one. I thought the cocaine arrest was a big surprise… than i get hit with this in my inbox.. when you live in a small town people say you can never hide and escape/ i guess they were all right. if my future wife wanted to fuck college kids why did she agree to spend the rest of her life with me. on another level… glad i wasted 3 years of my life for some fuckboi to ruin my life.”


Just try getting over this…ouch!