Exotic Dancers Celebrate During Top Taiwanese Politicians’ Funeral

While funerals are usually something of mourning and grieving, it seems in Taiwan, it can also be a party.


Chiayi county politician Tung Hsiang was mourned in an epic funeral service that included over 50 exotic dancers dressed in barely anything dancing on top of cars. Apparently, his son had organized the event as a “celebration of his life.” Hsiang died in December at the age of 76.


At the funeral, his son had mentioned his father had a vast “excitement for life,” and the two-hour procession was something that paid homage to that. More than 100 cars took to the streets with dancers on top, dancing to hit pop Taiwanese songs.



There was not only dancers, but also live music, as top politicians attended the service, as well as Taiwanese citizens.

That’s definitely one way to go out.