Should You Do It On The First Date?

The first date can be something that brings a lot of confusion to some people. While you had enough balls to ask your date out, what happens on that actual date is going to determine whether there will be a second, or it will be just an awkward memory to look back on.


While a lot of guys think they’ve got it in the bag when it comes to dating, not everyone knows what’s okay and what’s completely off limits on the first date. It’s actually pretty important to remember if you truly want to score that second date.

1. Show Up Late: 

By no means should you ever show up late to a date. Not only is your date going to be annoyed, but it makes you look unreliable. When you’re dating a girl for the first time, she’s looking to get to know you and decide if you’re someone she sees potential in. Don’t give her the idea that you’re flakey. She might also think you dogged her and aren’t going to show, which in itself, is bad news bears.

2. Bring Up An Ex:


Never, under any circumstances, talk about your ex on a first date. It’s a huge red flag for anyone. It makes you look like you’re not over her, or, that you have no respect for your date at all. Get to know the girl in front of you, instead of reminiscing on the past.

3. Order For Her: 

Don’t be that guy. Never be that guy. You may think it’s romantic and sweet, but in reality, it makes you look like an arrogant tool. Plus, you don’t know what she likes and doesn’t like (it’s only your first date, bro).


4. Bring Up Your Sexual Interests: 

You may or may not score after the first date, depends who you’re going out with and how you want to proceed with the relationship. But, don’t go spilling out your weird fetishes over appetizers. It may turn her off completely, and make her lose her appetite all at the same time.

5. Expect Her To Pay: 

I’m a firm believer in feminsim and equal rights, but don’t expect the girl to pay on the first date. When you’re with someone for a while, splitting things or taking turns paying is important for a healthy relationship, but, in the beginning, be a gentleman and do the right thing.